Life often hangs by a thread, that thinnest of artefacts which provides, and not only in a figurative sense, the starting point for so many mythical stories like Ariadne’s thread or Penelope’s cloth, or real stories like the one told by Pin1876. The story of Lanificio Botto Giuseppe & Figli, for example, draws on the language of times past to talk about today’s world and the success of a great family passion, passed down through the decades from one generation to the next. Past and future generations are held together by a red thread, a thin but at the same time such a stubborn protagonist that it has become the symbol of an Italian company which specialises in the production of fine yarns and fabrics that unite tradition and innovation.


Giuseppe Botto Poala, affectionately nicknamed “Pin” by his family, established a woollen mill in 1876 in Valle Mosso in the province of Biella. Skill, craftsmanship and research all converge in the “Pin1876” collection, which offers its own take on contemporary life through the certainty of an authentic and inimitable heritage. In doing so, it is fully aware that preserving tradition also means looking ahead and combining past, present and future in a whirlwind of constantly changing, cross-category aesthetic and technical know-how. These are the origins of the line of accessories produced entirely in the factories of Botto Giuseppe and Cascami Seta, located respectively in Valle Mosso and in Tarcento in the province of Udine.

This is how the red thread that provides the raw material for our yarns and fabrics has become the protagonist and defining spirit of a unique collection of cashmere, wool, silk, linen and cotton scarves that are created using exclusive spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing processes. Pin1876 is one of the finest expressions of Italian manufacturing, in which the skilled hands of women and men make their own contributions to the long and complex process of creating uniquely appealing, high quality products which are checked and finished individually.

The scarf as an iconic accessory which can pass by unnoticed or confer unsurpassed charisma on its wearer, or as a woven contrivance which unites form and function.

And if history is important, then equally important is the skill demonstrated by Pin1876 in the way it captures and assimilates the lexicon of research and innovation, proposing collections for a demanding and sophisticated public who know how to choose and recognise the inestimable value of timeless beauty and true quality. Pin1876 demonstrates that a simple piece of thread can be the point of departure to experience some unique stories featuring ‘Made in Italy’ products, the finest expressions of a country where the culture of work is combined with an innate sense of beauty, harmony and absolute perfection.