We conserve our childhood memories in our hearts our whole lives through. So why don’t we link them to an object that makes us think of when were naive and carefree, of a time of warmth and affection. That is why Pin1876 has launched a project addressed to the world of children, because no one can express these sentiments as well as they can.
For them, wearing a garment is like a game, in which hiding, covering and wrapping up form an imaginary toy land.
The scarves on offer are practical and easy to wear, with care lavished on even the tiniest detail, to offer a unique, high quality product that is perfectly aligned with the needs of our youngest customers.
Pin1876 understands that youngsters are often dead set against the idea of wrapping up too much, and so the selection of Infinity loop scarves offers models that are practical and quick to put on, as well as providing greater freedom of movement without the risk of getting caught in a zipper.